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New Product

See new themes designed for Wordpress that you can easily upload and install and make your own.

Is your website accessible?

Is your current website accessible by all of your users? Would you like this checked? Need a new website?

Do you need a helping hand?

Are you a small interest/charity group or a new small business that needs cheap hosting and assistance?

Is your current website responsive?

Does your website work on all devices? Can you the read on a mobile device?

What do you need to do?

Step 1: Have a look at some of your favourite websites?

  • What is it about them that you like or don’t like.
  • Click through your favourite websites? Is the website user friendly and does it work on all devices easily?
  • Write down your likes and dislikes.

Step 2: Select your chosen colours, pictures and words.

  • Think about what pages you may need and how your website viewers will contact you.
  • Get a logo together
  • Think about the colours in your logo, why you chose them, why they are important to you.
  • Will you need to set up a shop?

Step 3: Get everything in step 2 together.

  • When you have, come and have a chat about a website development plan and costs for hosting.

Small one page website

AUD $200

  • one page landing
  • training support available

Small online shop with hosting

AUD $300

  • one page landing with WooCommerce plugin
  • web hosting included for the first 12 months if hosting is required
  • training support available

Website with 5 -7 pages

AUD $500

*more for WooCommerce or other commercial support or paid plugins

  • web hosting included for the first 12 months
  • 4 hours training support included

Hosting charges

Starting from AUD $60 a year for a basic website. Extra costs include:

  • Extra cost can include ongoing monthly assistance at AUD $30 per hour
  • Domain name registration
  • Extra pages or required plugins at a negotiable cost

Do you have questions or want more information?